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Any plumbing related problem in the work place can cause an interruption of business flow.  Broken pipes or buildup in the piping system can be a serious problem; they can cause real damage to your building and work areas.


To help prevent such emergencies, we offer a regular maintenance program for organizations.  But if an emergency occurs, we offer timely emergency commercial service.


· Augering or hydro flushing of any lines in your business environment

· Piping repairs — water supply or  drainage

· Fixture repair or replacement — toilet and faucets to hot water tanks and recirculating pumps

· Routine line service from grease traps to roof stacks

· Troubleshooting and repair of plumbing related issues

· Odour detection and resolution if plumbing related

· Line locating prior to site renovations or preplanning

· Renovations or upgrade to your commercial plumbing systems