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We repair, service, and clean all types of drainage and plumbing systems. If your drainage or plumbing system doesn’t drain properly or if there is an odor from the drainage or plumbing line or if you have any other plumbing problems - contact us for an appointment. We take pride in returning your  drainage or plumbing system to normal working order.


· Augering or hydro flushing of any lines in your home or business

· Piping repairs — water supply or  drainage

· Fixture repair or replacement — toilet and faucets to hot water tanks and   recirculating pumps

· Routine line service from grease traps to roof stacks

· Troubleshooting and repair of plumbing related issues

· Odour detection and resolution

· Line locating prior to site renovations or preplanning

· Renovations or upgrade to your plumbing systems